Blog from January, 2020

Published - 1/1/2020

We're happy to announce a major upgrade to the mobile app for iPhone and Android with expanded capabilities for data sharing and integration of custom features.  Below is a short list of added features.

Shared Interactive Views

One of the most awaited updates provides users the ability to fully leverage the views they make in the main application by allowing them to view these on their mobile app, but now users can interact with the links to make the views fully interactive.  Furthermore through use of custom user group functionality in the system, a user can create a view and "share" it with any number of users via user groups enabling users who may not have time, access or technical know-how the ability to view data you create for them.  Below are screenshots of this capability:

User Region and Localized Store Auto-Drill For Views

An extension upon the feature above can be seen in the bottom of the first screenshot above - each view has the ability to allow the user to reduce the applicable stores underlying the data in each view down to either their current store listing or, when localized, to the current store their standing in.  The benefit of this is that it allows each user to leverage other's shared views while making sure the data being viewed is relevant to their stores or the store they happen to be in at any given moment!

Phantom Inventory Integration

Phantom inventory metrics have been a staple in the main application, but we've recently pushed this data into the "Inventory" section of the mobile app to make it easy for users to see what items likely are experiencing problems with on-hand counts and lack of sales. When in the inventory section, you can tap on the ellipsis to bring up a sorting preference and quickly sort items according to their phantom inventory impact.  The items with phantom inventory issues are highlighted purple to bring them to your attention quickly.

CC Cart Inventory Collection

An often requested feature for customers in the live goods vertical is to provide a way to count and coallesce data on where empty plant racks are ready for pickup and return to the warehouse.  The application now allows the user to select either the common CC Rack or their own Internal racks to differentiate, as well as to inventory down to the post/rack/shelf base level.  Photos and notes can be provided to aid trucks deployed to retrieve the racks in finding them quickly.  The results can be viewed in our standard report interface in realtime.

Shipment Arrival Information

Building on the shipment data our customers provide - we're allowing for delivery windows to be entered and displayed for the incoming shipments at each store.  If the customer can provide shipping windows, the time period will display in the view below along with the shipping date.

These are just a few of the  feature updates available in version 3.0.  Other honorable mentions include data queuing to handle poor reception, allowing the user to continue to perform most tasks in spite of poor reception.  Upgraded in-app messaging is also available and much more.