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Published 6/11/19 – In perishable product categories such as live goods and groceries it is imperative to monitor your markdowns due to damage, expiration and more.  In Avantalytics this data is powered by our field service management and Avantalytics Mobility - our native app.  Through this service your field people can use their mobile devices to log markdowns and the data is stored in the overall system.  But monitoring your markdowns globally can still be a chore - until now.  This month we're announcing a new insight panel named Markdown Trend which is a simple but interactive graph style insight designed to allow you to monitor and quantify your markdowns over time.  An example shown below gives a simple 4 week trend of total markdowns.  The panel is interactive so clicking on any of the columns will take you to the Merchandiser Markdowns History (88) report for the given time period so you can easily drill into the details of the data - including time, place, total amount, and even photographic proof.

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