Blog from May, 2019

Published 5/23/19 – After seeing the latest Home Depot and Lowe's earnings for Q1 2019 and the fact that both cited the "Wettest February in over 20yrs" as an impact on their results, we decided to upgrade our Days of Rain Insight to allow you to compare the number of days of rain in the period of your choice to the comparable period the year prior.  The results for our real world test are below and show the the West experienced most of the rainfall difference, with some impact in the Carolinas.  If you're a weather analytics subscriber this panel and functionality are now available to you as well - you're seconds away from Springtime comparative analysis!

To learn more about what this insight panel can do - click on the link below:

Days of Rain Insight Panel Overview

Published 5/4/19 – With one of the largest Spring holidays over for Outdoors DIY its a good time to start taking a look at your inventory.  One key metric to look at is Weeks of Supply (WOS) - which gives you a good metric to look at how long your inventory will last, but when used at an aggregated level its best to do some group analysis.  To help in this - we've added a Store Sales Vs. Weeks of Supplyinsight.  The insight panel allows you to select custom item groups, stores and all the other parameters you're used to using with other insight panels.  Its intent is to give you a quick look at hundreds of stores to see where your outliers from a WOS standpoint so you can begin to address looming inventory issues.  The insight allows you to view as a ScatterPlot graph - helpful for spotting outliers, but it also allows you to switch to tabular view easily by choosing the gear option.

The Scatterplot allows you to click/drag to select multiple stores (points) and create custom regions directly from the insight panel!   When it comes to using this panel we suggest your create item groups consisting of "Core" items in your program and segment off any non-core items, then use these groups to evaluate your WOS for each.  Because the core items will likely sell better and more steadily, its helpful to view their WOS apart from potentially slower selling items.  Try it out today!