Blog from March, 2019

Published 3/19/19 --

While Spring may be very elusive so far this Spring, we decided to deliver the arrival of the April Insight update early to make up for it.  This one couldn't be more timely either.  If you're familiar with the Weekly Retail Sales Trend panel or Region Weekly Sales Trend panels and are lucky enough to be loading daily sales and inventory data, you've probably wondered how to get daily granularity information to match.  That's where the Daily Retail Sales Trend panel comes in.  It loses the multi-retailer capability, but gains in highly granular views of daily sales data and adds the custom region capability for drilling in on specific areas as needed.  Below are a couple screenshots of the result.  

If you're in a highly seasonal business anxiously awaiting Spring - this panel will allow you to monitor the daily progress to ensure you're on top of your game when Spring finally breaks out.

Published 3/1/19 --

In our March monthly insight panel update we put a little twist on the monthly update pledge.  Instead of featuring a new insight panel, we've added a helpful feature as an enhancement to a number of insights - the ability to right-click for a context sensitive menu giving you the option to immediately run a number of relevant reports.  In our on-going quest to make data as easy as possible to explore - this extends the standard link drill-through to a whole host of options.  Below are a couple of insight panels with examples of reports.  Clicking on a report automatically takes the parameters from the insight panel and applies it to the given report - so things like time periods, categories, geographies and more are automatic. 

Efficiency Enhanced

With this new feature, we've effectively eliminated two clicks to enter the reporting library, plus the inevitable searching through the library to find the report you want (see below).  Then we've saved at least another minute in choosing options for the report before finally running the report.  This all without considering that by copying the options from the panel to the report saves in errors and omissions on filtering choices.  All-in this enhancement saves time and increases usability and utility of dozens of insight panels!