Blog from February, 2019

Published 2/16/19 — Our latest monthly addition to our insight panel library brings a new addition to the Weather Analytics service component.  The insight panel is "Temperature Trend" and is designed to make it super easy for you to visualize temperature data in a given region over time.  The benefit of this is that you can also see metrics about the changes.  Because temperature changes are random in the short term, looking at differences year-on-year is difficult to draw longer term conclusions from.  However, this insight allows you to not only view temperature data differences on a daily basis, but also provides cumulative metrics such as "Net Days Warmer" or "Cumulative Days Warmer" or "Consecutive Days  Warmer" to bring out on-going trends in the short term and over the life of the time period you select. 

In the panel above we've elected to show the current vs. prior year temperatures for the area around Atlanta, GA.  As you can see with the daily temperatures - its hard to know what's going on, but by including the metric "Net Days Warmer" - you can see there was a distinct warming period from the beginning through the middle of January as the net days slope moved upward.  However, on / about  1/20 - the temps began to reverse steadily indicating a colder period through the end of the month.  It is these cycles that are important to visualize as they can be compared directly to your sales performance to show the effect of cooling and warming periods on sales of your items.

Published  2/11/19 ---

For our merchandising company clients, managing and coordinating and tracking field visits by employees during season can be a hassle - especially when you're talking about hundreds of stores and thousands of field employees.  Add turnover in and the job can seem like managed chaos.  Luckily, we're into managing chaos and to help with this problem we've added a store/employee hours scheduling interface that is easy to use with drag and drop capabilities.  Its built on the Avantalytics platform so it works perfectly with your custom region, custom user groups and to make organizing and segregating across field managers a breeze.

Through virtue of being centralized, as managers add and shift time across stores and users, there is always a real-time view of total hours scheduled vs actual hours worked on an on-going basis. Scheduled hours and locations integrate perfectly with the field sales mobility package so when a user clocks-in at a given store it can be easily referenced vs schedule to alert you of differences or missed visits vs. plan.  Moreover managers can subscribe to and set custom notifications to be alerted to missed or delayed visits so they can spend their time managing the problems rather than monitoring hundreds or thousands of data points looking for issues.  Below is a screenshot of the scheduling interface!

Tired of chasing employees around and jockeying spreadsheets?  Give us a call today to see how we can simplify scheduling and so much more!

Ease of View

Once you've scheduled hours for your people, its incredibly easy to view their schedule, and indeed the schedule view can be made available to the users on the native app to allow your field personnel to get their schedules easily.