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Published - 1/10/19 — Good Morning, we've been working on integrating a new feature known as "User Groups" to complement our Merchandising and Field Sales Management service.  If you're a client of this service, being able to group and filter and report on users based on pre-defined lists is a welcome new feature.  To utilize this feature - we've added a new option within "Manage Your Team" - called "Manage User Goups".  See below.  Once you click in here you can see and edit existing user groups in the list on the left.  Clicking on the name of the group will display the users on the right.  Adding a new user group can be done easily as well - simply click on the toolbar button and select the users you'd like to be members of the group.  We've added filtering capabilities into the Payroll Time & Mileage filters and reports and notifications for now - but look forward to seeing this functionality expand elsewhere into relevant insight panels and more in the coming weeks!

Adding A New Group

When adding a new group - you have two options - pick one or more names from list below or if you already have a list in Excel or elsewhere with the users' customerID - you can copy past in the lower portion!

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