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Published 1/7/19 — We've just added a new insight panel for the Category Management and Monitoring service - its called "Retail Promotions".  The goal of this analytic panel is to allow you to monitor and review recent promotions, both for your items as well as your competitors.  The gear customization options for this panel are flexible to allow you to limit the time period, regions, and items which you wish to see.  Moreover, this panel allows you to view which type of promotion - sale, free shipping, rebate etc. The panel, as with all insight panels, is interactive - the listing shows each item which is a link to our comparison shop report for this item to allow you to quickly see how the product stacks up in the marketplace.  Also, we provide a link to the map of stores carrying  the product so you can see geographically where the pricing is changing with just a click. 

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