Blog from January, 2019

Published 1/23/19 — We recently finished an upgrade to your category and competitive monitoring service.  In addition to enabling new metrics, we upgraded the interface to make evaluating your items vs your competitors nearly seamless.  The upgrade also centralizes important visualizations so you can remain in the category monitoring research results wile viewing key visualizations including price change maps, price trend analysis, price point distributions.  Take advantage of our "Neighbor Analysis" to let you see which items are most often next to yours and much more.

(above shown is a sample result for a customer's competitive analysis of their item vs known competitors in the marketplace)

New visualizations include the following - price distribution, price change geography,  available quickly with just a click on the item of your choice:

Whether your a new customer or an existing customer - adding competitive category monitoring is a simple addition.  We use your existing item information to begin the process of mapping competitors so you can begin using the service quickly.  If you're interested or would like to see a demo - simply email

Published 1/13/19 — For our customers utilizing or automated ordering engine we're happy to announce the initial release of report 122 - which is a report output mirroring the results of you running a particular ordering template.  The benefit of this report is that it allows you better access to the computer generated results.  While the user interface for altering automated orders is flexible, sometimes you may just want to see what the computer deemed necessary.  The nice part is the options are simple - just pick one of your saved templates and hit run.  You can share the report results easily with folks on your team or even your customer with a simple web URL.  Lastly, for some folks who have DIY ordering techniques, embedding this report into Excel can make it refreshable and with a few vlookups you can quickly use it to guide your orders as you "roll your own" orders.

Suggested Order Details Report (122)

Published - 1/10/19 — Good Morning, we've been working on integrating a new feature known as "User Groups" to complement our Merchandising and Field Sales Management service.  If you're a client of this service, being able to group and filter and report on users based on pre-defined lists is a welcome new feature.  To utilize this feature - we've added a new option within "Manage Your Team" - called "Manage User Goups".  See below.  Once you click in here you can see and edit existing user groups in the list on the left.  Clicking on the name of the group will display the users on the right.  Adding a new user group can be done easily as well - simply click on the toolbar button and select the users you'd like to be members of the group.  We've added filtering capabilities into the Payroll Time & Mileage filters and reports and notifications for now - but look forward to seeing this functionality expand elsewhere into relevant insight panels and more in the coming weeks!

Adding A New Group

When adding a new group - you have two options - pick one or more names from list below or if you already have a list in Excel or elsewhere with the users' customerID - you can copy past in the lower portion!

Published 1/7/19 — We've just added a new insight panel for the Category Management and Monitoring service - its called "Retail Promotions".  The goal of this analytic panel is to allow you to monitor and review recent promotions, both for your items as well as your competitors.  The gear customization options for this panel are flexible to allow you to limit the time period, regions, and items which you wish to see.  Moreover, this panel allows you to view which type of promotion - sale, free shipping, rebate etc. The panel, as with all insight panels, is interactive - the listing shows each item which is a link to our comparison shop report for this item to allow you to quickly see how the product stacks up in the marketplace.  Also, we provide a link to the map of stores carrying  the product so you can see geographically where the pricing is changing with just a click.