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Hunting out of stocks just got a whole lot easier.
Our new OOS report quickly shows you emerging problems, highlights persistent supply issues and is lightning fast.
Introducing the Weekly Out of Stock Analysis by Item
The Weekly Out of Stock Analysis Report is a handy report that allows you to quickly determine where and when out of stocks are becoming an issue. The report displays the number of stores that are out of stock for each SKU, by week. If you pull multiple weeks worth of data, there is a column for each week, and problem areas are color-coded in red or yellow (denoting severity), allowing you to quickly see which SKUs are having notable issues as well as easily see whether the out of stock issue is getting better or worse with time. Drilling down into a cell brings up the Year-Over-Year Sales & Inventory by Store/Item/Week report (102). This allows you to see all inventory statistics for every store for the given item, and you can quickly filter to the out of stock stores to pinpoint the exact outages.
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